About Major Independents

Major Independents is a full service production and multimedia company founded in 2001 by superstar Hip Hop recording artist and actor Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones.  Based in Woodland Hills, California, Major Independents specializes in film production, acquisitions, script development, music production, television programming, music videos, animation, urban marketing, clothing, concert booking and on-screen talent.

Sticky Fingaz has utilized relationships he’s made over his eighteen year career in the entertainment industry to successfully write, produce, direct and star in two revolutionary feature films done entirely in Hip Hop cadence via Major Independents.  The first, “A Day In The Life”, will be released theatrically by Lionsgate Films in 2008.  The second, “Caught On Tape”, is currently available for distribution. 

Major Independents will release its first documentary in 2008 entitled “How To Make A Major Independent Movie”. This groundbreaking piece walks viewers through the trials and tribulations Sticky Fingaz experienced while executing his first two films.  In addition, he goes behind the scenes of blockbuster projects he’s appeared in to illustrate how films are really made using exclusive footage and interviews with other A-List talent.

Major Independents has created a DVD spotlighting multiplatinum Hip Hop group Onyx, which is fronted by Sticky Fingaz.  “Onyx: 15 Years of Videos, History & Violence” will be distributed internationally and domestically by MVD.  It includes the complete Onyx music video library, commentaries, Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr solo music videos, behind the scenes footage and plenty of bonus features.  Major Independents books Onyx for concerts and other live appearances.

Next up is a scripted series for a major television network, a third Hip Hop musical feature film and a reality series.  New albums from both Sticky Fingaz and Onyx are currently being recorded in addition to the unique soundtrack for “A Day In The Life”.  The finishing touches are being put on a compilation album from Major Independent’s in house music producer, Ess Man.

Major Independents is staffed by a group of experienced entertainment industry professionals who work tirelessly to produce product of the highest quality.  The General Manager is Keith Brown.  Executive Consultant Fredro Starr has his ear to the street while engineer Hector Delgado keeps everything sounding impeccable.

Please contact General Manager Keith Brown with any inquiries or requests regarding Sticky Fingaz, Onyx or Major Independents.  Sticky Fingaz is available as a writer, actor, musician, director, model, speaker and producer.  Major Independents looks forward to working with you and continuing to push the envelope in entertainment.

Keith Brown
General Manager
Fredro Starr
Executive Consultant
Paul James
Information Technology

Ess Man
Music Production
William Breed
Executive Associate

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